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Fifteenth spring on Flugery Lvova

This spring Flugery Lvova has celebrated his 15th jubilee. Spring is unpredictable and fanciful every year, but Flugery can make true festival under any weather conditions. This spring was the coldest overall festivals history. But Flugery has received the faithful audience, which isn`t afraid of any cold, any rain! And holiday has been successful!

Флюгери Львова 2017

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Courtyard of Lviv City Council was opened especially for the festival from 29th of April till 1st of May! Here in the city center, it was a lot of good music and joyful emotions, which could cause sun and warm!  

First day. Saturday. 29th of April

Flugery has started with the concert of legendary Propala Hramota rock band,who took together after 6-years break and it was not for nothing. Now their songs are more integral, hold down here in sense of justice.

Lviv Lemko Bluegrass Band shacked up the audience with their light songs, who plays Lemko bluegrass, Carpathian swing or Gutsul blues.

It is difficult to imagine Flugery Lvova without an ethnic-jazz performance of  ShockolaDband, which was born on the festival and grows together with it. This year SchockolaD created a big project together with polish double-bass player Мihal Yaros, Lviv-American singer Bria Blessing and Аcademia chamber orchestra. Old hits, covers on folk melodies and Ivasiuk songs sounded very daintily and strong.

The headliner of a first festival day was Familia Perkalabaorchestra of joy and happiness.New Perkalaba was shown, that can make the crazy performance as good, as they used to. Boys presented songs fromDARABAnew album, especially for Fedot played Lyotchyk song.

Waking up. Sunday morning, 30th of April

This year on traditional morning concert played Oleksandra Koltsova with herКrykhitkaproject. In spite of the rain, whole City Council courtyard was swarming with people. Musicians prepared a special jazzy program with their best songs. It was the most sensitive Waking up on Flugery Lvova.
Second day. Sunday, 30th of April
On Flugery Lvova stage made first appearanceTorban new ethnic Lviv project, was created by musicians from different ethnic bands (Olenky, Kings&Beggars, Perekoty Pole…). Band qualitatively works with folk and has good chances to create own outstanding style.

GrozovSka Band also joined festival in new membership, which contains 8 musicians. Joy climate was created old and new songs with Latin American, Balkan, Ukrainian, Jewish and Gypsy melodies.

From Ireland to Lviv came Yurodny world-music band with Olesia Zdorovetska, which experiments with traditional music, especially with Ukrainian. From first seconds we understood, that it was professional musicians of a really high level. Yurodny decided warm up with Klezmer and Balkan music, some of the songs together with Zdorovetska vocal were full of deep Ukrainian mystic and antiquity.

A fabulous performance of Gutsul CalipsoBukovina band was at the end of the day. To Gutsul-hop dances everyone and it`s true. Those, who was on the concert will remember it for a rather long time. Thank you for fresh rabadab!

Third day. Monday, 1st of May
From Kryvyi Rih arrivedRoyalkit young ethnic-rock band with new Zhytie hutsulske CD-record. The band plays covers to folk songs and creates own compositions. The audience has greeted them kindly and now guys plan to come to Lviv with several concerts. One more important part of Flugery Lvova Festival is a particular participation of Polish musicians, who can join festival thanks to supporting of Polish Institute in Kyiv and Consulate General of the Republic Poland in Lviv. This year came «Siostry і Łotry» band from Poland.Musicians had fun in Lviv and besides festival performance did also jam-session in Dzyga.

Tik TUTernopil electronic project presented Shuma new CD record «Tik TU» proved, that in Ukraine can exist fresh electronic sound and for that isn`t necessary come to Kyiv. Perhaps, through sincerity and absences of glamor, their music is close to the audience.

After electronic experiments performed «Flop»grunge band from Hungary.Musicians from Budapestplay on Sziget festival. In their music, you can feel influences of «Metallica», «Nirvana», «Pearl Jam» or «Alice in Chains». Even they didn`t deny that, and listeners took well pure rock on Flugery Lvova Festival.

Unfortunately,  due to the president election in France, Irena Karpa, couldn`t live Paris, as far as she works in Consulate of Ukraine in Paris. So we shoud cancel concert of «QARPA»band and quickly find  substitution.

At the end of the festival was great jam-session of Crimean-Tatar keyboard player Usein Bekirov, saxophonist Micheal Balog, double-bass player Mark Tokar, Liubko Mariash and singer Marichka Chichkova. Those days took place in Lviv „Music life” project and musicians from Crimea, Shecin, Budapest, Dublin and Lviv had a great possibility to play together and to communicate about connecting through the music. Perhaps, such multicultural jam-sessions will be a new tradition on Flugery Lvova.

So such was 15th Flugery Lvova Festival. We hope next 15 years Flugery will be as light and happy, as they were. We are waiting for you next spring and hope that it will be much warmer, but anyway they should be as usual really joyful. It is exactly as told our beautiful MC Marta Bilska: «Not weather sets the tone on Flugery, Flugery set the tone!

We are thankful to all, who joined the festival organization.


Festival drink is Оbolon.

Premier Hotel Dnister for hospitality.

To partners and co-organizers Lviv city council and Culture Department, Polish Institute in KievKonsulat Generalny RP we Lwowie / Consulate General of Polish Republic in Lviv,  Fundacja Transkultura, NGO Virmenska 35 , Dialog.

For new experience  - Crimean house in Lviv, Crimea SOS and International Found «Vidrodzhennia»

General media partners - Lux FM LvivZaxid.Net for media support.

Elecor for a perfect sound.

For great pictures thank you to Rostyslav Pavlyk, Vitaliy Mariash, Polina Pavlova and Natalya Halan

We thank you also to all musicians, guests, friends and co-organizers of Festival!

See you on Flugery Lvova 2018!

Main festival organizers: Dzyga artistic association, Institute of actual art

Web-site http://archive.dzyga.com/flugery/en/



Flugery Lvova is the music of spring wind!


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