About Dzyga

(literally) a whirligig toy, or a restless person

dzyga logoDZYGA Art Association (Lviv, Ukraine) is a conglomeration of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, journalists, public figures, businessmen assembled with different kinds of cultural, creative projects and objects (clubs, festivals, mass media projects, etc.)

DZYGA is recognised to be a creative field where different ideas, initiatives, art actions are born and realised, and those events are usually echoed far outside Lviv and Ukraine. 

DZYGA supports, provides and promotes the development of all possible contemporary art genres: paintings, graphics, sculpture, installation, performance, happening, iconography, land art, body art, photography; music: rock, electronic music, jazz, blues, folk, classical music; literature, theater, film production, multimedia, etc.

DZYGA revolts against mass uniformity and conformism, against marginal kitsch, stereotypes and passiveness, against indifference and vulgarity.


D Дзиґа. Вірменська 35. ЛьвівZYGA Art Association was founded in 1993 by the activists of the student movement in the period of Ukrainian struggle for its independence (Student Brotherhood 1989 – 1993), the representatives of avant-garde art (Shlyakh /Way Art Association) and Lviv underground environments (the Tea Fan Club and the Mertvyi Piven bands, the legendary and first in Ukraine underground VyVyh Festival).

In March 1997 the Dzyga Gallery for Contemporary Art was inaugurated in the premises of the former Dominican monastery, and it became a ‘physical’ center of all dzyga initiatives. 


There are some annual artistic events worth to be mentioned within the “ocean” of art and cultural projects realised by the DZYGA, namely: the Flugery Lvova International Ethno Jazz Festival, e Jazz Bez International Festival, the TYZHDEN /Week for Contemporary Art International Festival, the Days of Performance Art in Lviv,), the Ukrainian Zriz/ Cross-Section Triennial (inspection, analysis, self-recognition, the search for new perspectives of Ukrainian contemporary art).

DZYGA is also a co-organiser of the Lviv International Forum of Publishers.
For the years of its activity, the Association has organised and conducted a great number of creative actions, involving into the process top artists not only from Ukraine but from all over the world, including all European countries, the US, Australia, Japan, Russia…

Major and grand events during 2015 – 2016 were of great success and have gathered numerous feedbacks from all over the world: the 3rdEASTERN PARTNERSHIP CULTURE CONGRESS and the Lviv Month in Wroclaw-European Capital of Culture 2016

Mass media space in Ukraine: in 2000 DZYGA established the Radio Iniciatyva, the first in Ukraine informal (underground) speech programming radio; in 2003 – Lvivska Gazeta, a daily newspaper; since 2006 - a number of successful internet projects 

DZYGA activity has resulted in over six thousand various art & cultural events, actions, processes; some of them have already become the legends: the VyVyh innovative festivals, the krainian 

Youth to Christ festivals, the New Noah's Ark land art project, the Listen to Ukrainian! music project, the “ YE” music- literary project…

The 20 th anniversary of the DZYGA Art Association / 2014 / has resulted in the following statistic data: 764 exhibitions, 4798 club concerts, 507 exclusive concert projects, 69 festivals, 567 performances, 2098 literary presentations and a great number and variety of other peculiar cultural events.

Management. Markiyan Ivaschyshyn, Director Dzyga AA
Volodymyr Kaufman, Art Director Dzyga AA

Contact: DZYGA Art Association
102 Zelena St.
79030 Lviv, Ukraine
Tel / Fax: +380 (032) 244 47 79